Temple Talk #4 - Gather Resources for Growing Ministries

Gather Resources for Growing Ministries is our final focus of this year's Stewardship Pledge Drive. So what all
does that encompass? Throughout the year, we reach out beyond the budget and provide additional support
and funding to special projects as needs are identified. A perfect example of this would the Lutheran World
Relief projects like the baby/personal care and school kits we talked about a couple of weeks ago, the Messiah
House, as mentioned last week. Then there's the Endowment grants, the Scholarship Fund, The Holland
Elementary/Partners in Education project, not to mention your gifts that made possible our organ that we just
dedicated last week and so much more - all of which are from your contributions above and beyond your
financial pledge to the General Fund. In other words, non-budgeted items - resources gathered for growing

During the past few weeks we have looked at each of the six main impact areas we have been called to do. We
have been reminded that ours is a strong and vibrant mission, supported by the time, talents and financial
resources of our members.

Your financial pledge is what supports these ministries in addition to keeping the lights on, or keeping us
warm in the winter and cool in the summer, It also provides our insurance and staffing needs, including a
pastor to guide us spiritually, a pastor who's call encompasses all the aspects of our mission. It provides
Sunday School curriculum, worship materials, and also, did you know that 11% of your giving goes to Outreach
Ministry. This includes 9% going to the ELCA and Synod for ministries in and around the world.
So, now is the time for response. It is time for us to make a pledge (or promise} that we intend to contribute
financially to God's mission through Messiah Lutheran Church during 2019. This is not a contract but rather a
statement of intent.

Commitment Weekend is next weekend - November 10th and 11th. You should have received a letter with
your commitment cards enclosed. We ask that you bring them with you next weekend. They will be
dedicated at each service. If you are unable to worship with us then, please mail them to the church using the
enclosed envelope.

We will also have a celebratory breakfast between the services (about 9:45 a.m.) on Sunday, the 11th and
look forward to seeing you there.

Thank you for allowing us to share, during your worship time these last few weeks, our message of
Stewardship here at Messiah. We also thank you for prayerfully considering your financial support for our
mission in the congregation, the community and the world.
Just as our heart must be moved to devote the time and effort to do ministry, it must also be moved to
provide the funds necessary for our wishes to become reality, thus accomplishing God's will.
Let us remember - Stewardship is HEART Work! So Listen! Listen to your heart! Thank you.

Temple Talk #3 - Offer Healing & Care to All in Need

"Stewardship is HEART Work" continues this week with our focus on Offer Healing & Care to All in Need! Many of these
opportunities are not only available within the walls of Messiah nor touching the people that enter through our doors.
We also reach out near and far to our community locally and worldwide.

Just to touch on a few:

  • We provide CPR/1 st Aid Training and Blood Pressure monitoring
  • Homebound visitation and communion
  • Funeral and grief support
  • Prayer support groups
  • Healing worship service
  • "God's Work Our Hands" is reaching out to help our neighbors
  • Our Stephen Ministry is a one-on-one caring ministry providing comfort and Christ-like support to those experiencing life-altering events.

As you may remember, in September, Messiah received the Hands-On Service Lifetime Achievement Award from the
Council of Churches of the Ozarks at their annual Celebrate Compassion recognition event. The award is displayed in
Mission Hall. Below is what was shared at the event:

This church has a long history of service to the Council of Churches and the community. Most recently, they have chosen
to logistically and emotionally support women transitioning from homelessness into stability. By providing a home for
three women at a time, mentoring relationships and encouragement, they have committed themselves to this
challenging program. The "Messiah House" is currently open and welcoming their first round of guests.

You will find members of this church donating their time at Crosslines, feeding 517 families (1183 people) this year alone.
Combine that with the long history of donating one day a month at Crosslines it's impossible to imagine the lives they've
touched over the years.

Yes, feeding people is important but so too is the significant financial donations this community of faith has contributed
to many Council programs and specifically Safe to Sleep. They are one of the top financial supporters of the shelter as
well as providing dedicated overnight volunteers. They have reached beyond their doors to see the needs in our
community and commit themselves to filling those needs.

Over the years this church has provided two outstanding Board members who each served terms as CCO Board President.
They, along with others, have guided the growth and changes in our mission and understanding of community outreach.
Even during this transitional period in church staffing, they have not skipped a beat. The leadership provided by this
congregation impacts our community daily through their compassion and their actions.

Commitment Weekend is November 10 th & 11 th. Please sign up in the Narthex and stay for breakfast between services
that Sunday - but more importantly -please consider a financial pledge for 2019. You can't deny that today's examples
and opportunities for Healing and Care is "HEART" Work! Listen to YOUR Heart!

Temple Talk - October 20 & 21

As we enter the second week of our Stewardship focus of our mission statement, we invite you to take a  look at two more areas of ministry - Nurture Youth and Make Disciples.

In addition to children and youth growing in the knowledge of God's Word, building the foundation to live life guided by the Gospel take more - they need opportunities to serve and have fun, while feeling as though they are part of a larger family - the Messiah family!

Making Disciples is accomplished by nurturing and equipping our members through various educational opportunities, as well as by reaching out to the community in a variety of ways!  We strive as a community of disciples to seek and grow in our knowledge and service.

This year, "God Rocks" in our children's Sunday School program with 40 children in attendance.  

We hold Vacation Bible School every year

We also have a backpack blessing prior to the school year beginning.

We distributed bibles to six of our 2nd graders.

There are currently three Confirmation classes with 12 youth.

The National Youth Gathering was held in Houston TX this summer with 12 of youth and 4 adults attending.

Nine youth attended summer camp at Camp Tomah Shinga in July.

We offer adult Sunday Sun School opportunities.

The Women of ELCA - their three-part mission is community, growth and action and currently, have four active circle groups with Bib studies once a month.  As one of their service projects, last week, they coordinated the assembly of Person Care Kits, Baby Care kits, Fabric Kits and School Kits for Lutheran Work Relief - all from your donations!

Our Wine, Wit & Wisdom is a group for women who get together once a month, share fellowship and learn about their faith and, likewise, Pub Theology is geared for the men.

Again, these are just a few of the stewardship opportunities that are supported by you and your gifts, whether it be your time, prayer support or financial assistance.

Commitment Weekend will be here soon, November 10th and 11th and breakfast will be serviced between the services on Sunday.  There will be a sign-up in Mission Hall soon.

Please continue to think about Stewardship as HEART Work!  As you consider making a financial commitment this year, let your heart guide you - that's God talking to you.  Listen! Listen for the beat, the beat that goes on!

Temple Talk - October 13 & 14

Good Morning!   Well it's Fall again and here I am again.  And you know what that means - Stewardship is kicking off our annual pledge drive!  First off we want to say Thank You! We want to express our thanks to you each of you for all that you do; your time, talents and financial resources to support and help fulfill God's mission here at Messiah.

This year our theme is STEWARDSHIP IS "HEART" WORK!  A beating heart gives life to a person, pumping blood throughout the body, allowing it to carry nourishment to all parts of the body enabling them to fulfill the mission they were designed to do.  As Gods' stewards, we function as "the body of Christ". We are like the pumping heart, working to sustain the ministries here at Messiah, at home and around the world.

There are six areas of focus in our mission statement.  This week we would like to highlight two of them - Welcome All to Worship and Hunger for Ministry.  

We provide hospitality to all and value the importance of offering different styles of worship and appreciation for meaningful preaching that challenges us to 'be Jesus' in our everyday lives.  Our Hunger for Ministry is evident in all that we do. Your gifts have made possible ministries like

  • Our vibrant and active music program for all ages. Currently we have 70 members engaged in eight different vocal and bell choirs.  We livestream our worship services and we have common table communion.
  • We have 60 to 70 members serving on Shepherding teams to greet and help coordinate worship services.
  • Crosslines support - Did you know this past year, roughly 24 of our members aided in the distribution of food to between 150 and 200 people each month? We also continue to collect plastic grocery bags, water bottles, egg cartons and Best Choice labels to help Crosslines.
  • And Piecemakers - look around today at the 64 adult and baby quilts that will be donated to local charities like for Veterans returning home, Harmony House, Lutheran Family Services and Ambassadors for Children.
  • Finally, we had ten members travel to West Virginia for a summer mission trip to assist with home repairs for a family there.  These are just a few of the ministries you support.

You should have received a letter this past week with this pamphlet included.  If not, please pick one up as you leave today. It's your pledges that will allow the 2019 planning for the activities and ministries in this brochure and many, many more.  Commitment Weekend will be November 10th & 11th when we will dedicate our gifts/pledges in prayer to God's purposes!  Our goal for 2019 is to increase the overall pledges and continue to sustain these ministries.

We have had a prosperous and fruitful year, thanks to your support and giving!  We invite you to join us in prayerful thought in the coming weeks as we consider what we can each do personally to help achieve that goal.

Remember - Stewardship is HEART work!   And our heart cannot stop beating! Thank you!

Signs that Fall is here!

  1. Autumn colors are beginning to pop out
  2. The air is crisp
  3. Starbucks is debuting their pumpkin spice latte
  4. It's football season
  5. Stores are displaying Halloween Christmas decorations.
  6. Walking into an air-conditioned building isn't thrilling anymore
  7. AND the Stewardship Pledge Drive is upon us!

Yes, it has been a year already! Your Stewardship Committee is about to kick-off this year's program. We have had a prosperous and fruitful year, thanks to your support and giving. So, we want to begin by expressing our thanks to you each of you for all that you do; your time, talents and financial resources to support and help fulfill God's mission.

We thank God for the opportunity to support the ministries of Messiah Lutheran Church through good works; generosity and being ready to share what God has provided. This year's theme is:


Messiah Logo Stewardship is HEART Work


Our heart for service can't stop beating.  Our goal for 2019 is to increase the overall pledges in order to sustain Messiah's good works.

We invite you to join us in prayerful thought as we each consider what we can do, personally, to help achieve that goal.

Watch for more information coming soon and mark your calendar now for

Commitment Weekend - November 10th and 11th

when we will dedicate our gifts/pledges in prayer to God's purposes!